Site Preservation

Site Preservation refers to the placement of a bone graft at the time of tooth extraction.

Typically a sterilized bone graft from a bone bank is used. Without a bone graft, the jaw shrinks after the removal of a tooth. Drs. Hamrick, McKenzie and Whitley make every effort to preserve the supporting bone when removing teeth. Then, bone grafts, collagen membranes, and growth factors are used to build up and/or retain the ideal bone for a future implant. Site preservation reduces the need for other bone augmentation procedures prior to implant placement. Site preservation helps make implant placement very straightforward. Usually the grafts are allowed to heal for 3-6 months prior to implant placement. We will help you decide what level of sedation is appropriate for your specific procedure.

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Bone Graft

“When I required a dental implant a few years ago my dentist referred me to Dr Hamrick. I was completely satisfied with the treatment I received from the team at Raleigh Periodontics, especially when the extent that the procedure to be performed was explained and detailed. I felt completely at ease.”