Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is not always required to treat gum disease.

At times, good home care and non-surgical (scaling and root planing) is able to control the infection. However, when non-surgical therapy is unable to stop the infection, surgery is required to save your teeth.

Periodontal surgery is a specialized form of gum treatment that Drs. Hamrick, McKenzie, and Whitley at Raleigh Periodontics have been specifically trained to perform. Periodontal surgery reduces pocket depths which helps eliminate the bacteria which cause periodontal destruction. In addition, the damage the bacterial infection has caused to the underlying bone is addressed during the surgical phase. In many cases, new innovations utilizing bone grafts and growth factors are used to regenerate bone and gum tissue lost to periodontal disease. We always use the most conservative treatment possible to achieve a state of periodontal health. After periodontal surgery it is very important to have regular cleanings and good daily oral hygiene to maintain your new healthy state.

LANAP laser surgery has revolutionized periodontal surgery and is the primary method utilized at Raleigh Periodontics to treat periodontitis. We are committed to making this a comfortable experience for you. Your doctor will help you choose a level of sedation that best meets your needs.


Osseous Surgery

“From the moment I walked in for my initial consult, to the surgical procedure and beyond, I felt cared for. The medical support staff and doctors worked together seamlessly to bring the best level of care possible for me.”