Bone Grafting

If there is not enough jaw bone present to place a dental implant, a procedure may be needed to help create the ideal bone shape.

Depending on the situation, bone grafting can be done at the time of implant placement, or it may be needed prior to implant placement. Sterilized bone grafts, from a bone bank, combined with growth factors are typically used. At times the patient’s native bone from a nearby area of the jaw is also used. The bone grafts are combined with collagen membranes to build the ideal bone site for a dental implant in what is called Guided Bone Regeneration. Your doctor may require a CAT Scan taken in the office of Raleigh Periodontics to get a three dimensional view of your jaw. This will aid in treatment planning of implant placement. We will help you choose what level of sedation best suits your needs.

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“When I required a dental implant a few years ago my dentist referred me to Dr Hamrick. I was completely satisfied with the treatment I received from the team at Raleigh Periodontics, especially when the extent that the procedure to be performed was explained and detailed. I felt completely at ease.”