Growth Factors

The doctors at Raleigh Periodontics are committed to using the latest technology to achieve the best result with the least amount of patient discomfort.

The doctors frequently use growth factors alone and combined with bone grafts to perform bone augmentation for dental implants, to treat periodontal disease bone defects, and for soft tissue grafting gum recession. Raleigh Periodontics utilizes a platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) machine by Harvest Technologies or Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) technology by BTI to spin a small amount of your own blood to concentrate important growth factors for bone and soft tissue healing. The doctors also use a growth additive called GEM-21s which has important growth factors for bone healing. Finally Drs. Hamrick and McKenzie use Emdogain to better treat their patients. The proteins in Emdogain accelerate healing and allow better bone formation and soft tissue attachment. Raleigh Periodontics is committed to using these growth factors to minimize discomfort, accelerate healing, and to achieve the best results possible.

The doctors also use another bone morphogenic protein (BMP), also known as Infuse Bone Graft, which is the most potent growth factor available to grow bone for future dental implants.

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